Monday, April 02, 2012

Sleeves being rolled up

Well, in a metaphorical sense - I generally exercise my Second Amendment right to bare arms, rendering sleeve-uprolling redundant. The election campaign is now underway for all the candidates, but it is the backroom work that is going on. 300 words are being written for The Orcadian. Websites and Facebook pages are being set up. Belief systems are being formulated and ideals glimpsed at. Leaflets are being drafted and redrafted, and printed and reprinted.

It's a different story for me this time though - or is it?

5 years ago I made clear what I was aiming for, a best guess in the absence of knowing exactly how things worked. Necessarily idealistic, but hopefully realistic as I'd researched things as best I could. I boldly wrote things down and asked the electorate to hold me to account if I didn't deliver. It's all on here as it always has been - have a look back at 2007. There's nothing to hide, as I'll be posting my own lengthy report on it over the next week or so!

By and large my way of working and what I want to see happen is the same, I'm pleased to say. I'm looking for things to be fair, for Kirkwall East and Orkney to get the best crack of the whip that they can, and for us to be clever with the resources at our disposal to secure our long term future, and that includes anticipating threats from places way beyond Orkney. Although I  didn't envisage the Global Financial Crisis or the Icelandic volcano back then, optimist that I am.

What is different this time is where the story that I'm going to tell starts.

Last time I effectively asked people to trust me, to take a shot in the dark that I could get somewhere with the things that I said, and that you said, were important. This time I'll also be telling you how I got on - and I think I've done pretty well from a standing start.

Hopefully less of a shot in the dark this time!

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