Saturday, April 21, 2012

My week

I now have a surfeit of sore feet due to pounding the streets of Kirkwall, in a fine selection of weathers. Still about a third of the doors to visit, but I'll need to up the pace as it is a busy week next week.

Contrary to popular opinion the old council still exists and is active. I have two meetings on Monday, am chairing an interview panel on Tuesday then the Radio Orkney hustings in the evening, Wednesday is an overnight in Thurso because of the Dounreay Stakeholders Group, and I'm sure the rest of the week will throw up some surprises too.

At some point I'll need to sweep along the Inganess Road, Berstane Loan. Berstane Road and East Road Area, St Catherines Place, School Place, The Street and others. I'll take my bike.

Other main event this week was the Kirkwall Community Council hustings on Wednesday. I thought it went OK, but that is not for me to decide!

There are some questions being posed to prospective councillors on the Orkney Forum, so I'll post the answers that I give there here as well.

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