Friday, May 04, 2012

I think you should consider voting for me...

I'm Steven Heddle and I'm standing for re-election to the Kirkwall East ward, where I was elected as a first time councillor 5 years ago.

In front of the new KGS, the first battleground of the previous council

I'll be using this blog to elaborate on who I am, my values, what I've done, what I think some of the issues are, and why you should vote for me. I'll also be using this to tell my story of the 2012 council election campaign. It won't be as good as this though, sorry.

I'll keep this post at the top and it will act as an index to links below that I will fill in over the next week or so.

They are:
The last six links have been essentially absorbed into my election leaflet, the delivery of which has prevented me from updating here as much as I hoped. But you can read the leaflet here.

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