Monday, June 22, 2009

Painful piles

Well, I challenge anybody to slog through this pile of stuff and not experience some pain...

These are the papers for two days of meetings (P&R and Monitoring and Audit) and I'd like to point out that it is printed double-sided as well, with very few pictures, so P&R has taken a day to slog through. I'm taking a camping stove for the meeting, so if the honk of Bangers'n'Beanz from Heinz permeates the gallery by item 14, don't be surprised. That'll be just before dinner time on day 2...

But the point I am slowly coming to make is that even when nothing seems to be happening, a lot is. Just rather slowly. Let me mention an example- permit parking.

I've been pressing for permit parking to be considered since I've been on the Council. Not because I want to see more restriction imposed, nor because I think it could be a money-spinner for the OIC, but because the OIC itself makes life difficult for anybody near School Place who wants to park near their house Mon-Fri, 9-5. This is mostly in Kirkwall East, viz. White Street, Willow Road, Thom Street, Palace Road, Willowburn Road, St Rognvalds Street and even East Road, so a hot topic. I feel that people in these areas (based on everybody I have asked) would welcome the chance to have preferential parking near their homes for a modest fee, say £50 per annum, with short stay parking still allowed in the marked bays and long stay only for permit holders. Nothing sorted yet, but it is bubbling along now, and hopefully we'll get something to vote on soon. But it has had to queue behind the Papdale Primary 20mph zone, and the successfully contested one-way proposals for Willow Road and Willowburn Road, and a previous failed attempt to consider it meant there was little appetite at the outset.

However, the problems become greater, with long stay parking to be displaced from the Shore Street car park creating even more pressure on East Road, and parking restrictions planned for Place Road too. Permits could allow a resident/short stay user balance very well, but how they are implemented and policed needs careful planning.

So things are happening, but slowly, but not for want of prodding.

There's lots more. Keeping paths clean, flower bed maintenance, abandoning of caravans, boats and building materials in car parks, etc.

I'm too tired to recall them all though. I've been doing a lot of reading...