Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Burning issue

The issue of the font used has captivated the select readership of this blog, and it is clear that I am one of Orkney's least legible non-bachelors.

I have responded promptly and restored my favoured Trebuchet MS to the body text, and increased the size of stevenWriting where it has been retained. Now this looks OK to me, but as the template has been hacked to first make everything bigger, then the body text smaller again I can't guarantee it works everywhere.

Give me a shout if it has gang agley. Thanks to Sue, Sian and Anon for your helpful comments.

Check out Sian's blog at, and marvel as I do at how she gets three pictures per post, as well as enjoying the posts.

It was a mistake to customize my template to the extent that I can't face upgrading to New Blogger- but hey, after New Labour who could blame me for being sceptical?

Back to business with the next post.

1 comment:

Sian said...

Ah that's much better. Much more legible and doesn't detract from your pearls of wisdom ;-)

And thanks for the link to my blog. Actually using photos is cheating - a picture saves a thousand words? Means I don't have to say so much....!