Monday, May 12, 2008

Hardy annual

Well, Northlink didn't listen to the majority of the correspondents, and have received some of the bad press they deserve. However their ever changing excuses regarding the stranded rugby player and assertions that he is the only person to that date to be denied travel strain credibility to say the least. I still maintain the big problem is that this is bad for Orkney, so will rack my brains as to what more can be done- all suggestions gratefully received.

On another front, the Christmas bonus is still up for consideration, and looks likely to remain in a targetted form. There is a balance to be struck here, as many rightly complain a) that at present people who clearly don't need it get it, and b) that a lot of people do need it and should continue to get it. Targetting seems the way to go, and note that this is not means testing by the Council, as nobody wants to get into that. A suggestion has been made at successive meetings to base this on eligibility for Pensions Credit and this is likely to be one of the options to be presented to a seminar on 3rd June. Suggestions from the seminar will then be considered in a paper in the next cycle of meetings. It'll all be over by Christmas!

Talking of the next cycle of meetings...

The third cycle of meetings for 2008 is as follows (remember the acronyms are explained here):
SSH - Tue 3rd June
EPPS - Wed 4th June
Development - Thu 5th June
T&I - Tue 10th June
ERCS - Wed 11th June
Land and Property sub-committee - Thu 12th June
Information Services sub-committee - Thu 12th June at 2.15pm
P&R - Tuesday 24th June
M&A - Thu 26th June
Full Council - Thu 3rd July

It's been an year since the Council elections, and the letterbox scars on my knuckles have healed (although the mental scars never will). People often ask 'How are you finding it?' or 'Are you enjoying it?' Difficult questions to answer, as the sands are always shifting, so you never feel on top of things, and enjoyment doesn't come into it, as sitting in meetings for days at a time is surely something that nobody would do for fun. But it can be satisfying, and it is necessary for somebody to do it. It's often interesting, and I'm pleased with the things I have achieved.