Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bootstock 2007

Not strictly relevant, but worthwhile nonetheless. Through my good friend Hugh Mackay, the creator of and driving force behind Bootstock, I am a founder member of the Bootstock Association, a charity which puts disadvantaged children in the Humla province of Nepal through school. The money raised by previous Bootstocks has provided education for more than 100 children per year, so let me plug this years event taking place NEXT WEEKEND (see above).
Visit to find out about 'the North East's friendliest music festival' and how it has grown from a party in Hugh's garage in a little over five years.
A location map for the venue is here:

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back in the saddle

Long time between updates, and this is because a) there has been a recess from Council meetings for the bulk of the school holidays, b) I've been doing a lot of Orkneycommunities stuff, general catching up, and house maintenance while I've had the chance, and c) I've had problems with the parts of this site hosted elsewhere due to an ongoing dispute with my erstwhile webhost which has crushed my spirit a bit.

But I can't complain, and it's back to business in earnest from tomorrow. Representations from constituents have continued, and have included access in Meadowbank, the road closure of Inganess Road, and issues related to the Schools Estate project, amongst other things. With regard to the latter, I agree with Jim Rousay and the others who have made the same point to me, that the project will affect everybody in Orkney, so everybody should have a chance to have a say. One way to achieve this is to contact your councillor(s) and make your opinions clear, and I encourage everyone to do this.

Of the many people who have spoken to me about the Schools Estate project all but one have shared my views stated below, with the sole contrary opinion from someone in the adjacent area who suffers from the school banishing smokers from its grounds. This is a serious problem, and should be addressed now, by preventing cigarettes from getting into the wrong hands (that's any, in my opinion), rather than having to wait till 2010 for a change of site for the school.

Meetings coming up in the next fortnight:
  • Kirkwall and St Ola Community Council- 7.30pm, 27th August
  • Social Services and Housing- 10.30am, 28th August
  • Env. Planning and PS- 10.30am, 29th August
  • Development- 10.30am, 30th August
  • Land and Property sub cttee- 10.30am, 31st August
  • Kirkwall East councillors meeting- 10am, 3rd Sept
  • T&I- 10.30am, 4th Sept
  • Ed, Rec and CS- 10.30am, 5th Sept
  • Personnel s/c- 10.30, 7th Sept

These will report where appropriate to P&R on Tuesday 25th Sept, and all committees will report to the General Meeting on the 4th October.