Saturday, June 23, 2007

Meeting frenzy

It was great weather coming back from my wet and windy bike run (typical...) and Hoy looked spectacular on Monday night. This panorama was taken between spells of reading the Monitoring and Audit Committee (M&A) handbook and papers for the meeting the next day.

I was initially complacent about this week, thinking that the M&A meeting was the only meeting, allowing me to do some work for my business, and also to sort things out for constituents. The creepie was kicked out from under me on that by finding notifications of four more meetings in my pigeon hole on Tuesday morning.

M&A proved interesting, with the £10,000/year overtime for some Tech Services employees revelation occurring. The report lacked any detail as to what was going on there, or why someone was working 20 hours a week overtime on average, so this looks like something that the committee should be investigating in the future.

Monitoring and Audit is a fairly low-flying committee generally, but with an important oversight role, as well as approving the Council's internal audit and best value review schedule, and receiving the reports. I was elected vice-chair to Alistair Gordon's chair, but it is not the first time we've met, as Alistair was one of my teachers at KGS. If you think something is rotten in the state of Orkney (Islands Council) bring it to M&A.

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