Monday, May 07, 2007

What happens next

I've signed on the dotted line, and pledged allegiance to the community flag (metaphorically speaking), so I am indeed a councillor for Kirkwall East along with Janice, Bobby and Mike. We'll be discussing how best to work together and represent the area from Tuesday, but of course any constituent can contact any (or every) councillor.

The next week will be filled by an induction course for new councillors, and this will be followed up by a Statutory General Meeting on Tuesday 15th, and Special Policy and Resources to elect sub-committees. Thereafter we are into the first cycle of meetings and their preambles.

The meeting dates for this first cycle are:
  • Tue 5th June, Social Services and Housing
  • Wed 6th June, Environment, Planning and Protective Services
  • Thu 7th June, Development
  • Fri 8th June, Land and Property sub-committee
  • Tue 12th June, Transporation and Infrastructure
  • Wed 13th June, Education, Recreation and Cultural Services
  • Thu 14th June, Information Services sub-committee
  • Tue 26th June, Policy and Resources
  • Wed 27th June, Monitoring and Audit
  • Wed 4th July, Environment etc. dealing with planning applications only
  • Thu 5th July, General meeting

The next cycle of meetings will follow a similar pattern commencing on 28th August, which is a larger gap than all the other cycles due to the school holidays. Agenda items must be requested at least two weeks in advance of a meeting, but as yet we do not have the agendas and papers for the first meetings. I'll be supporting Jack Moodie in pressing for as much of these as possible to be posted on the Council website in advance of the meetings, as a matter of course.

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