Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More word from more streets

I must confess I took a break on Sunday to reacquaint myself with my family and my lawnmower. Having now apparently killed the lawn but thankfully done less damage to the family,I was back out canvassing on Monday.

It has to be said that my fellow Kirkwallians are a very pleasant group of people, who take a keen interest in local issues, while recognising that by and large life here is not bad at all. Nonetheless there are issues that crop up again and again, and these are parking, speeding, and the Kirkwall traffic plans.

I've mentioned parking earlier, and there is certainly a consensus that the huge number of cars associated with School Place should be reduced by some means and the Guide Hut car park freed for short stay and/or metered parking. The current lack of parking near here is a big problem for anyone attending funerals from the kirks in the vicinity (including the cathedral). In fact increased levels of free short stay car parking like that at the back of Boots would be most welcome. Let me also make a personal plea for increased bike parking facilities in the form of Sheffield Racks , the railing like things that you can lean and chain your bike against.

Speeding is a hot topic, especially in the vicinity of the Papdale School, Willow Road and Thom Street. The long awaited 20mph zone should help, but we need to get the area it covers right. Ideally it could take in the bit of Thom Street between Meadowbank and White Street as well to calm the traffic there. More yellow lines on Willow Road? Traffic calming around Papdale Primary to slow down the boy racers picking up their girlfriends from KGS at lunchtime? All ideas gratefully received!

Kirkwall traffic proposals- don't get me started (again). Pleasingly my own opinions reflect those of everybody I have spoken to viz. NO Broad Street pedestrianisation, NO unnecessary one-way systems, and hey, let's keep it in perspective...

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Carola said...

Hi Steven,
The guys at the LMG meeting on Monday mentioned your website. As a resident of Kirkwall East I just wanted to take this opportunity to extend my best wishes for all you're hoping to achieve.