Wednesday, May 09, 2007


The induction has gone on for two days now, and we've all learnt a lot about the structure and mechanisms of the council, and how all the committees relate to the services that the council provides.

There are five main committees:
  • Social Services and Housing
  • Environment, Planning and Protective Services
  • Development
  • Transporation and Infrastructure, and
  • Education, Recreation and Cultural Services

of which each councillor is on four. We've expressed our preferences and some obscure undocumented system allocates us in a way that keeps the most people happy. I get the impression there is no right of appeal.

These committees (and their sub-committees) have powers of their own, but the most important decisions should come back to the full council at a general meeting, at the end of each council cycle.

But what about Policy and Resources, Monitoring and Audit, Licensing and Orkney Ferries? I'll come back to those later, once I've filled in my Disclosure Scotland form, election expenses forms, Declaration of Interests, and information systems acceptable use form...

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