Sunday, April 29, 2007


Candidates were sent a message from the Orkney Fisheries Association:

What is your policy towards fishermen and the important issue of harbours and facilities?

Hi Christine

The only reference that I've made on my manifesto is having "investing in agriculture and fishing to develop premium Orkney brands and organics to safeguard industry against globalisation" as a longer term strategic issue.

Having said that I am aware that there has been a big loss of slipping and boat storage facilities in Kirkwall, and also of areas where gear can be left to dry, as a result of the sailing club taking over Smith Foubister's yard, and because of the lifeboat berth. I would be keen to press for such facilities to be restored in some form, at the very least ensuring that water and power were available at the Hatston slip, and that the slip area was kept clear enough to enable short periods of working without having to go elsewhere.

However I am not an expert in this field and would welcome guidance and advice about what facilities are desired and could make a difference.


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