Saturday, April 28, 2007

The word on the streets

Yesterday I completed my leaflet coverage of Kirkwall East, finishing up in the Carness and Craigiefield areas, once more enjoying the good weather. While I have been speaking to everyone I've seen, I'd like to speak to a lot more people in the ward, and I intend to do this in the remaining days before the election.

Today I've been out and about in George Street, St Rognvalds Street and Meadowbank.

The burning issue in St Rognvalds Street (and I assume in Thom Street, White Street and Willow Road) is the use of the street for long stay parking for council workers, leading to difficulties getting deliveries or getting the car out of the garage. This ties in with complaints about the Guide Hut car park being a de facto council car park, preventing people from parking to visit the street and the OIC. It would seem sensible to zone off more of this car park for short stay parking, or metered parking, but this will serve to make the problem in the adjacent streets worse unless something else is done. An option that has been discussed is to have one or more Park and Ride areas e.g. at Hatston or off the Deerness Road, and this would seem worth considering. It would need to be available for everyone, not just council workers, and could give the much maligned airport bus a good name if it was used at the necessary peak times.

This leads onto other issues, such as abandoned cars at Papdale East and occupation of parking spaces by cars for sale. This should be clamped down on by towing away unlicensed vehicles. Another option that would help St Rognvalds Street would be to have one side of the road yellow lined.

In Meadowbank a big issue is the fact that there are steps everywhere but next to no path lights. The steps to the houses are probably too much to tackle, but paths should be ramped or have level access at least at one end. This seems fairly easily possible, and could often be achieved by cutting gates in the walls of the car parks. Similarly providing adequate lighting should not be impossible.

It's been very encouraging to see how concerned most people are for their areas and for the well being of the County in general. I also appreciate the phone calls and emails of support I have had and would like to thank the people who have offered me this support, very much. If I get elected I will do my best to live up to your expectations, and my own.

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