Monday, April 09, 2007

Why you should vote for me

You should vote for me as I will take the responsibilities of being a councillor for the ward very seriously.

If elected, I will make it easy for you to contact me with any concerns that you wish brought to the council, and do my utmost to assist in their resolution, and keep you informed as to what actions are taken and what are the results. I will make it easy for you to contact me, and arrange regular clinics for informal discussion of any issues. I will represent any concerns or opinions fairly, even if they might be at odds with my own. I will endeavour to always act in the best interests of the people in the ward. Additionally I will maintain this website whereby my contact details are clearly stated, and which I will use to help pass on information and seek opinion.

You should vote for me as I will also take the responsibilities of being a councillor for the county very seriously.

I will take an active part in all meetings and debates, and be well prepared for them. I will encourage the council to take a proactive yet prudent approach to development, and discourage unnecessary regulation. I will support imaginative use of ring-fenced funding and posts to derive maximum benefit for Orkney. I will also encourage the council to pursue best practice and joint working with other agencies within Orkney to safeguard local control. I will maintain an open mind to all issues and judge them on their facts. Again I will strive to communicate clearly and effectively.

You should vote for me as I have the experience and track record to do this well

My experience gained in research and project management as demonstrated in my CV shows I am adept at clear thinking and problem solving. My knowledge of Kirkwall in particular and Orkney in general, and work with community groups, means that I know the area and people and what the issues and expectations are. My work with businesses, public sector agencies and on international projects means that I understand how to work effectively in this wide range of situations. My experience in representation means that I will take my opportunity to get my point across, which might well be your point as well.

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