Sunday, April 15, 2007

We will fight on the beaches

Orkney Today required a head and shoulders picture, so Donna was pressed into action as campaign photographer as we took the fight to the beaches.

In the end the picture that we came up with was taken down the pier, and that can be seen as the new profile picture on this blog. The beach picture has been pressed into action for my flier, which has been designed and is being mass produced on the printer to my right as I type.
Anyone looking for hidden meaning in this picture will notice that Work is looming over my shoulder...

Hopefully I'll get out on the streets with it tomorrow or Tuesday, and some real feedback from the people I speak to when I'm out and about can be posted here. Only two and a half weeks to go, and a lot of work to put in yet. I'll post links to the flier once I've started distributing them.

Next task, responding to The Orcadian's questionnaire...

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