Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunshine and showers

Today's relentless leafletting and canvassing saw me sunburnt by the forenoon, and soaked by the grimlings. The wide open spaces of Lynn Park led to a lot of walking in the heat of the day, and later I noticed with some horror that the razor sharp letterboxes of Lynn Crescent all have edges smeared with the blood of the local posties and hapless canvassers. It's true!

I'm starting to develop an unhealthy knowledge of letterbox types now, and the difficulty of forcing thin leaflets through draught excluders. I won't bore you with the details, but leave that to my new website, . I'm kidding.

More seriously, some good issues raised today that deserve to be raised in the Council chamber. Despite being in a residential area, good business questions were raised, regarding the unfairness of charges to businesses on top of business rates. It would seem reasonable that business rates would cover refuse collection, but businesses have to pay extra for a special 'green bag' collection, with (I believe) no opt out. Similarly businesses premises with not plumbing still have to pay water rates, ostensibly because of the rain run off from roofs. This seems to suggest that the roof is attracting additional water from somewhere, rather than just returning the same amount to the ground!

I'm tired from the walking around- goodnight!

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