Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Road Warrior

Road, Close, Lane, Drive, Park, Place and Crescent warrior actually. In the last 4 days I have walked 500 miles to beat a path right to YOUR door (if you live in Kirkwall East), and have broken the back of the leafletting in the same way that the leafletting has broken the back of me. I'm sunburnt!

The views from the doorsteps or herbaceaous borders (come on, you don't get prose like this from the other candidates, vote for someone with a sense of humour) are myriad and diverse, but here comes a sample:

  • The council tax is far too high, and is driving pensioners and the poorly paid into poverty. Recall too that Orkney is (on average) one of the most poorly paid areas in the country.
  • Those who default on their council tax would benefit from coming to an arrangement for payment with the OIC rather than having Scott & Co set on them- and when this happens they are told not to speak to the nice people at the council, now you belong to us...

This a big deal actually- 171 tenants were in arrears to the council (rent or otherwise) when there were only 790 council houses left, according to last year's Council accounts. That's 22% of tenants (down from last year), and I don't accept that this is through their choice. If they are all being hounded by the bailliffs as the first step (and I haven't had the chance to verify this yet) it seems another case of not looking after our people, like the care situation. We should be able to do better than this.


  • The crows at the Willows are driving the people mad with the mess, as the nests are no longer poked from the trees.

Would this not be an ideal Community Service project?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steven,

Interesting to read that other people have concerns regarding the volume of parked cars belonging to OIC offices staff in the surrounding area. Willow Road is reduced to single lane, with many residents unable to park at their properties. Lunch time is like running the gaunlet between all the KGS pupils, lack of yellow lines, (not that everyone pays attention to them anyway) and the boy racers. Any 'traffic management' plans would be welcomed in the area to help east congestion and resident's blood pressure!