Friday, April 13, 2007

Out of the blocks

No door to door visits yet as pamphlet design and production dominates my life. The writing involved in campaigning has been surprisingly time-consuming, and The Orcadian and Orkney Today are both wanting statements from all candidates. "300 words in total, or 300 words for each of last four sections?" I queried, before realising the mindnumbing effect that would be created by 44 candidates contributing a total of 53,000 words in the latter case.

It's interesting to consider how to differentiate yourself from other candidates- obviously I'm quite sure I'm the man for the job, but conveying that to you is more difficult when all the candidates are campaigning on a limited number of issues. I think I can manage it though, but let's see if my pamphlets and personal charm live up to my expectations!

I had a very interesting meeting today with Rose Guthrie and Ernie Donaldson of the Care Pressure Group which opened my eyes further to the plight of those needing care, and which also emphasised that there is much more to the care of the elderly debate than just care homes. This, quite rightly, will be a key issue in the campaign.

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