Thursday, April 19, 2007

Orkney Today article

Last week Orkney Today asked all candidates to submit 200 words on why they should be voted for. I wrote:

When we are all campaigning on similar issues it can be hard to differentiate between the candidates- this is particularly true in Kirkwall East where almost all the candidates are retired council officials or public sector employees. However, being 42 and having broader experience of business and industry, I feel I can bring a more inquisitive and open-minded approach to the work of the Council, and different, relevant, skills honed in R&D and project management.

Additionally I can demonstrate a commitment to the community by membership of Kirkwall Community Council and the Papdale School board, and by having publicly voiced concern about the lack of consultation and unnecessary scale of the Kirkwall traffic plans, and seeming desire to replace KGS with a PPP initiative at Picky.

My commitment to the area is obvious from having come home with my family in 1999, but being Kirkwall born and bred it was always my intention to do so.

However a councillor's main commitment must be to the people of the ward, and if elected I will always be available to discuss and represent your concerns, from first day to last. If you want to start now please get in touch through 877119 or I would be proud to be able to represent Kirkwall East.

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