Friday, April 27, 2007

The Orcadian questionnaire

The Orcadian sent out a questionnaire to all the candidates, but do not seem to have used the responses. These were mine anyway.

Why do you want to stand for council?

Firstly I think it’ll be an interesting and challenging job, and very satisfying when I help somebody, or help in some development to the ward's or Orkney's advantage. Equally importantly I think it's a job I could do well, and want to get stuck into.

What policies and issues do you see as being of primary importance in Orkney?

Funding of services will remain the big issue and real savings and efficiencies must continue to be identified, as opposed to inventing new charges for services and passing them on to others. The OIC must serve its community and earn its support to fight against centralisation and loss of local control, and develop joint working with other agencies within Orkney. Lower funding than other island groups is the same issue as 4 years ago, and we should review our position towards COSLA, and how best to make our oil reserves benefit the community. Care of the elderly, including personal and respite care, will remain an issue until funded adequately. Economic development must be funded to grow our economy, but we shouldn't bet heavily on a container hub.

How will you represent your constituents?

By any means possible! I'll encourage people to get in touch with me at any time, run regular surgeries, and maintain the website for two-way communication and to gauge opinion. At the OIC end I'll seek out the officials or committee best placed to sort out any issues, and represent the opinions of my constituents fairly and firmly. At all times I'll keep people informed as to what is happening.

Why should people vote for you?

Because I'll be easy to find, show up when I'm asked, work hard, and make sure their voices are heard. I can approach the OIC with an open mind, and all my career I've been paid to think as well as do, so I'm quick on the uptake. I'm committed to the community, the area, and its people and I can demonstrate this.

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