Thursday, April 26, 2007

I must protest

The report of last week's hustings in the Orkney Today contained some inaccuracies which I have been moved to write to John (Ross Scott) about to put the record straight, viz.

Dear Sir

I must offer some corrections to your hustings report. Firstly, we all did not agree that a new school was required, as my stance was that I didn't know for we require far more information before we could state that, or otherwise, but that any developments should see KGS become a community school providing amenities in the south of Kirkwall. Secondly it was Alistair MacDonald (and not Alastair MacLeod) who responded to a question from Angus Fraser (and not Angus Campbell) about traffic plans, making the 'Kirkwall is not Milton Keynes' point. Thirdly I think that putting services out to the public sector should be investigated rather than being completely against it, but have grave misgivings due to the service you get being inflexible and limited to the contract that is put out.

Yours faithfully

Steven Heddle
Candidate for Kirkwall East

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