Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How the voting system works

The voting system is fantastically complex, and while the lower preferences (2nd, 3rd etc.) can be significant, it is definitely the first preferences that count the most. So if you really want me to be elected, put a 1 next to my name!

The whole complexity of the system, including Droop Quotas and the Weighted Inclusive Gregory Method, is laid bare here.

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geoff linnitt said...

the system has not been properly explained. as you point out first preferences are vital, in fact some 2nd and 3rd votes will not figure at all. so if you 'back the winner' or the least popular your 2nd and 3rd will count for something but folk who pick the 'middle of the road'candidates will possibly not ha ve an imput. what i'm saying is a voting system should be equitable to all and this is not