Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Flier still, and KGS viewpoint

I've added the flier inside pages here, and changed the links so that clicking on the thumbnails now opens up the full definition pdf versions of the pages (the files are quite small).

Campaigning hiatus last night as I was in Eday to do IT training for the Fire Service, and enjoyed the hospitality of Malcolm and Moira Scott. Actually very informative as well, as the isles transport present and future got a full discussion. Good shop on the island too.

Heading back to Kirkwall this morning I got a summons to Radio Orkney on my mobile, for a short interview to go alongside ones from the other candidates. I suppose it went OK, but the questions kept changing just as I was about to hit my stride, so I will appear to insist that KGS stay where it is without justifying why.

But for the record, I think that

  • it is in the ideal location, both for Kirkwall as it expands south, and for the buses from the country
  • it is the only leisure facility on the South and East of Kirkwall, through the pool and the sports centre
  • incidentally, new housing developments should enhance community facilities and put something back
  • if it moves to Picky, hundreds of pupils will have to trek across the Back Road and Picky Road twice a day, with Picky Road destined to be an Inner Ring Road in the original Kirkwall traffic proposals
  • though it is claimed to be not fit for purpose, I'm young enough to actually have attended it myself, and it was OK then- though I'll take Iain Ballantine up on his offer to look around and reserve the right to change my mind!
  • new facilities will be needed, but they could be developed adjacent to the school with minimal disruption
  • flagship PPPs show that they end up costing more, and are not necessarily fit for purpose themselves (e.g. the too-small Edinburgh Royal Infirmary)
  • PPPs do not generally offer community access
  • a redeveloped KGS should be more of a community school, with greater access to its facilities.

And yes, it should stay in Papdale!

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