Sunday, April 22, 2007

Canvassing, not dourly

Canvassing closer to home tonight, on the Holm Road and the roads off of it, and most enjoyable too, as I had some fine yarns with good folk. Issues discussed included the overstretched community care service, and the lack of affordable housing.
The picture above is not of the Holm Road, the more geographically aware of you will have spotted that already. It is at Kirbuster on the jovial occasion of the launch of 'Stumpy' my home-made boat. Reason for this later.

The council hopefuls were out in force tonight, as I met Jack Moodie at my gate when I headed out, and as we discussed the finer points of shoving things through letterboxes David Tulloch passed by the Bignold Park. Later I bumped into ward rival David Murdoch as we covered the same area in opposite directions, so I managed to give him the leaflet I couldn't put through his letterbox as he doesn't have one. David, I know you read this (I'm an IT consultant, I have my ways)- see this post for why you should have a letterbox!

However, my confidence in my public image was dented when Jack revealed that Bryan Taylor thought I was coming across as 'too dour', reinforcing what my wife had recounted from a conversation with a taxi driver - "Oh, is he the dour-looking boy"? That was the last time anyone in this house phoned Craigie's Taxis. I'm not dour! I like a laugh! I invented the Ba' Humbug idea, for goodness sake!

I soon got over it. But the picture above at least shows that I do crack my face on occasion.

Tomorrow I plan to continue leafletting through the day, and canvassing by evening. If you want me to call past, please give me a shout on 877119.

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