Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Barked knuckles and holey pavements

It's brutal work this campaigning and I have the barked knuckles to prove it. I hasten to add that this is from getting my hand caught pushing fliers through letter boxes, rather than any 'old fashioned' electioneering.

I've had a taste of the door to door delivery doing the Scout Post in years gone by, but this is a different scale altogether. If I get in I'll be moving that people without letterboxes should be disbarred from voting, on the basis of humanity!

Hitting the streets is invaluable, as I've had the chance to speak to people, found houses that I didn't know existed, and discovered that our telephone exchange now is full of big empty rooms where huge frames of wire and moving parts stood when it opened 30-odd years ago.

The other things you notice are the holes in the pavement, that I believe have to be reported before they get fixed, rather than an enterprising road team looking for things to fix just coming along and doing it. I realise that this leads to spending money, but surely in the long term it is cheaper to fix things before they get too bad, or lead to an accident? I understand that the guys who work on the roads are going up the wall because they have so little to do, and because if they are sent to fix a hole, they can't fix others nearby until someone has been sent to draw round them in yellow!

Now you may ask yourself why the council has made up a charge for men to work on the fireworks or St Magnus Fair when they are not being kept from doing something else, and why there is a reactive approach to repairs rather a proactive one towards maintenance. Me too, and I would be happy to ask that question on your behalf.

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